Tuesday, October 19

Nuclear electricity generation requires 100 years of commitment – MNPC

The UK is turning to nuclear power to satisfy its electricity requirements.

Using nuclear energy for electricity like in the UK (pictured) will require 100 years of commitment from the government and stakeholders. File Photo

PUTRAJAYA: Any introduction of nuclear energy for electricity generation will involve a commitment of at least a century from the government and all stakeholders, says the Malaysia Nuclear Power Corporation (MNPC).

Director Datuk Dr Dominic Lau Hoe Chai said this included the commitment to maintain a sustainable national infrastructure, right from planning, selection of suitable sites, construction, commissioning and operation of the nuclear power plants to decommissioning, as well as, waste disposal and management.

“This requires a sound basis of national decision making founded on objective studies and assessment of national capabilities and state preparedness, supported by public awareness, understanding and acceptance,” he told a seminar on “Public Understanding of Nuclear Energy” here today.

The one-day seminar was co-organised by the MNPC and the Japan Atomic Industry Forum International Cooperation Centre.It was aimed at promoting public understanding of nuclear energy in Malaysia based on Japan’s experience.

Lau said apart from the development of the plants itself, the nuclear power programme required a long lead time to cultivate a critical mass of domestic talent, capable of supporting any future initiative.

“We have to make an early start so that if a decision is made, Malaysia has a talent pool that is ready and available,” he added.

He said the talent pool required is not only limited to nuclear engineers and scientists, but also a wide range of engineering, scientific and other fields.

“It includes those with expertise in other areas such as project management, public health, energy economics, finance and many more,” he added.

The MNPC was established on Jan 7, 2011 as a company limited by guarantee and administered by the Prime Minister’s department to plan, spearhead and coordinate the development of Malaysia’s nuclear energy programme, that complies with guidelines from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

The MNPC is also the country’s Nuclear Energy Programme Implementing Organisation as recommended by the IAEA for the establishment of a dedicated entity towards the implementation of such an energy programme. – Bernama