Tapin has the longest underground river

RANTAU, S Kalimantan: Tapin District has an underground river in the cave which is the longest cave river in Indonesia. It is in the Beramban Village, Piani Sub-district, AntaranewsKalsel reported.

The Beramban cave tourist area manager Yatimin said the river in Liang Air Cave is longer than Pindul Cave River in the Gunung Kidul District, Yogyakarta.

“If the Pindul Cave River length is 350 meter, but the Liang Air Cave River in our place is 1300 meter long,” he said, Tuesday (18/4).

Beramban cave tourist area has four caves, namely Liang Macan, Liang Babi, Liang Air and Berangin Cave.

“To go along the cave river it takes 1.5 hours,” explained Yatmin.

According to him, the flow of the Kusi river that goes through Liang Air is still not flat in depth. It needs workmanship to flat the depth of the river and makes it the underground river journey by using a buoy or tire.

“The depth are varies, there is a waist of adult, and the deepest is reaching 5 meters,” he said.

The tourist area of ​​the cave which is 30 km from downtown Rantau will be more beautiful if visited around June, when many carrion flowers are blooming in the vicinity.

“Inside the cave a lot of beautiful stalactites and still alive, they add the exotic of the cave,” said Yatimin.

Meanwhile, chairwoman of Tapin TP PKK (Family Welfare Movement) Hj Ratna Ellyani Arifin Arpan in her visit to Beramban cave area said it is very potential to become a leading tourism in Tapin.

“May need better management and arrangement, besides the most important is cleanliness,” said Ratna.

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