30-metre stretch of Keningau-Tenom road collapses

KENINGAU: The Keningau-Tenom road at Mile 26.5, about five kilometers from here, collapsed around 8am yesterday.

One lane of the road stretching some 30 metres was affected, allowing only one vehicle at a time to drive past the stretch.

According to Kapitan Peter Ma and Kapitan Wong Ah Mok who were at the scene, there are two or three employees of the maintenance company monitoring the safety risk at the site.

Peter said repairs were urgently needed and he hoped it would be carried out immediately.

District Officer Haji Yusop Haji Osman, when contacted by The Borneo Post yesterday, ordered the Public Works Department (PWD) to immediately instruct the concessionaire to repair the damaged road.

At the same time, he also asked the PWD to take security measures by installing a fence barrier and cones to give the public ample notice of the damage to the road.

“I also asked the PWD to instruct the concessionaire to install security flashing lights for the passage during night and fog.

“In addition, I advise the public mainly drivers and motorists that use the route in  the area to be careful and to slow down their vehicles when crossing the landslide section especially during rain whether night or day,” he said.

According to him, the public, especially road users had better prioritize the safety of family and loved ones when using the road in the area.

Yusop also disclosed that the embankment had slipped at the Kota Kinabalu-Keningau-Tenom road at Kilometer 137.950 (RHS) where the concessionaire had put-up warning traffic signs, signboard and are assessing the extent of the damage and repairs to reinstate the road.

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