Bomba saves hapless kitten stuck on roof of supermarket

The frightened feline has since been returned safely to its owner. Photo courtesy of Bomba

SRI AMAN: A kitten is down one of its nine lives after Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) personnel were mobilised to rescue it from the roof of a supermarket here today.

The tiny black and white kitten had somehow gotten itself stuck on the roof after it clambered up via the signage of a neighbouring snookerium, according to a report from Bomba.

Bomba personnel attempting to rescue the trapped kitten. Photo courtesy of Bomba

Its owner then notified the rescuers, who used a stepladder to reach it. Neither rescuers nor the kitten itself suffered injuries in the ordeal.

The kitten has been safely returned to its owner, albeit a little frightened from the experience.


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