Businesswoman injured, loses RM2,000 in snatch theft

KUCHING: A businesswoman lost RM2,000 in cash after she was robbed by two strangers at Jalan Ang Cheng Ho on Sunday.

The incident occured around 10pm when the 28-year-old was approached by two individuals on a motorcycle shortly after she had parked her car by the roadside.

It is said that the suspects, wearing full-face helmets, opened the front passenger door and pointed a sharp object at the woman before snatching her handbag.

She grabbed hold of her handbag as the two tried to run back to their machine, and ended up being pulled out of her car and dragged a short distance on the road before she finally released her grip.

Following the struggle, the victim suffered hand injuries and hip pain.

The suspects then fled the scene.

The woman immediately lodged a police report after that.

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