Sipitang flood water recedes, evacuation centre closes

KOTA KINABALU: The flood evacuation centre in Sipitang closed at 3pm yesterday and all 46 families from the affected villages have returned home.

Sabah Civil Defence Force Colonel Mulliadi Al-Hamdi Ladin told the media that Sungai Lukutan, which burst its banks over the weekend, had returned to normal and was now at a stable level.

“As the flood water has receded, all 127 people from Kampung Mesapol Lama, Kampung Lelamauh, Kampung Tunggul Tinggi and Kampung Lalang have returned home. Therefore the evacuation centre at Dewan Serbaguna Sipitang is closed,” he said when updating the media.

As the weather remained cloudy, they will continue to monitor the situation, he added.

Meanwhile Sipitang member of parliament Datuk Sapawi Ahmad who visited the flood victims on Sunday, said the district’s natural disaster committee had addressed the emergency situation well.

He said he was satisfied with the committee’s quick response to the flash flood and their early preparation had paid off.



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