Wednesday, July 6

30 cancer survivors attend SCCS youth camp


Participants interact during one of the sessions.

MIRI: A total of 30 cancer survivors, aged between 14 and 24, attended the fourth Sarawak Children’s Cancer Society (SCCS) Youth Camp recently.

Themed ‘Be It and Live It’, the camp saw participants take part in activities such as raft building and abseiling.

“The aim of this year’s camp was to encourage youths to explore their capabilities, achieving their best potential. This is a vital part of the camp, because we want to help develop leadership skills and assist these youths, who successfully battled cancer, to learn about themselves and at the same time work with others and engage in meaningful actions,” SCCS president Jocelyn Hee said in a press release yesterday.

“Through the camp, we want to help create support networks among cancer survivors and their peers. The relationships with the cancer survivors are important for themselves and also to SCCS, which we hope that they would contribute back as volunteers.”

She said the activities were designed to encourage the youths to explore their capabilities through reflection sessions led by self-development coaches.

“Some of the youths are quite conscious about themselves and at times, they may have low self-esteem. The camp aimed to build their self-confidence as they are entering into adulthood,” she said.

Participants’ friends and siblings, medical volunteers and several SCCS staff also joined the camp.

“Part of the objective of the camp was to allow the medical staff to spend time with the youths, which some of them have known from a very young age when the latter were warded in hospital. It was a great opportunity for the medical staff to share their joy at seeing the children grown into healthy young adults and reaffirms their purpose as they face daily emotional challenges of working with childhood cancer patients.

“It was indeed a touching moment for the nurses and doctors during an appreciation session as part of the programme, to be appreciated by the youths whose lives they helped save,” said Hee.