DAP taken to task for frequently organising fund-raising events

KOTA KINABALU: Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) Sungai Sibuga Division vice secretary cum Division Youth Movement treasurer, Chang Chung Yeu yesterday took Democratic Action Party (DAP) to task for its insistence on organizing a fund-raising dinner in Sandakan on Malaysia Day, September 16.

Chang was furious that DAP had made the fund-raising dinner an annual event to target the wallets of the people of Sandakan.

He said DAP frequently held fund-raising events in various districts all over Sabah whenever their West Malaysian leaders visited the State.

“DAP often complains about the bad economy and heavy financial burden of the people.

“So why does the party keep on soliciting donations from the rakyat?”

Chang pointed out that the party always came up with all sorts of names for its fund-raising events, such as DAP anniversary dinner or dinner in celebration of Malaysia Day.

“These fund-raising dinners are held nationwide all year round, as if DAP is celebrating its anniversary for the whole year.”

He said DAP seemed to consider Sabahans as their ‘fixed deposit’ as the party organized fund-raising dinners in Sandakan and Kota Kinabalu every year.

“However, have Sabahans benefitted from DAP despite having contributed money to the party?”

Chang said DAP had never provided any allocations to Chinese schools and associations yet the party expected donations from the Chinese community.

“DAP is depleting the Chinese community’s resources. The party is a burden to the Chinese community.”

He said the DAP had been playing mind games on the people for decades.

“The party is trying to create a sense of participation by getting people to donate. By doing so, the people will be more prone to convince themselves to vote for DAP in the elections.”

In addition, Chang said the amount of donation collected by DAP for the past few decades remained a mystery as the party never made its accounts public.

“September 16 should be a day of celebration. But DAP has turned it into a fund-raising event and rebranded it as a celebration for Malaysia Day to cheat Sabahans.

“It is a gross disrespect to Malaysia Day.”

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