Know the mother of this baby boy?

The abandoned baby.

MIRI: The Welfare Department here is looking for the parents or family members of a five-month-old baby boy who was abandoned at a house in Kampung Lusut.

According to a spokesperson of  the department, a couple had informed them that the baby’s mother gave birth at their house in the village (Lusut) sometime at the end of March.

Several days after the birth, the mother left the baby in the couple’s care and had not contacted them since.

The Welfare Department is currently making efforts to locate the baby’s mother so that a thorough investigation could be carried out for the purpose of finding shelter for the baby, and also his welfare.

Members of the public who know the baby’s mother are urged to contact the department’s child protection officers Mastika Matair or Siti Fatimah Buah here on 085-419072 or 085-419073.


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