Python meat bait snares 12-foot croc

Nyegang (right) and his team are seen with the crocodile.

Nyegang and his team work to skin the crocodile.

MARUDI: Sungai Temiang longhouse chief Nyegang Nawing successfully caught a 12-foot crocodile from Sungai Bakong using a modified fishing line with some python meat as bait.

Nyegang and his team had decided to set the trap for the crocodile after other villagers, whose children are studying at SK Sungai Arang in Bakong, complained of a crocodile frequently lurking near their boats whenever they brought their children to school.

The villagers feared that if nothing was done, an untoward incident might occur and the children, in particular, could be in danger.

It is understood that Nyegang placed the bait on a fishing hook into the river on Monday and when the team went to check on the line at 11am on Tuesday, the reptile had been snared.

After bringing up the crocodile to the riverbank at 2pm, Nyegang and his team decided to kill it for safety reasons and then brought the carcass back to the longhouse.

The longhouse folk then skinned the crocodile and are considering selling the skin.

The crocodile meat was divided among the longhouse folk.

The dark colour of the river is said to be a favourite spot for crocodiles.

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