Asas responds to PASC, SERIANS

Kong shows the relevant documents concerning correspondence between Asas and Asum, Asum and SSC.

KUCHING: The Amateur Swimming Association of Sarawak (Asas) has never sought to “block” any swimmer from participating in the Asum/Milo Junior Splash Swim 2nd Leg at the Hang Jebat Aquatic Centre in Malacca from Sept 22-24.

This was among the points raised by the association in response to charges levelled against it by Power Aquatic Swimming club (PASC) and (Serian Amateur Swimming Association (SERIANS) recently.

Asas secretary Anthony Kong said what the state association did was to inform Amateur Swimming Union Of Malaysia (Asum) that PASC was not affiliated to any of its seven divisional affiliates.

“The fact that PASC was not affiliated to our seven regional affiliates was brought up in an Asas exco meeting on Sept 3 and

it was a unanimous decision by all seven affiliates that Asas put on record to Asum and the organiser of the Malacca meet about PASC’s status as it may contravene the competition’s rule on eligibility which stated that the meet was for “Members from affiliates of Asum and clubs affiliated to the Malacca Amateur Swimming Association. No independent unattached swimmers are allowed”,” he told reporters in a press conference yesterday.

“We never lodged a complaint about any other state/club participating in the meet therefore I don’t understand where the “blocking” came from.

“Asas wrote to inform Asum and organiser about PASC status as Asas are obliged to declare what they know and in the event of any protest arising from the meet on PASC’s eligibility, Asas will not be held responsible for hiding the facts,” Kong further explained.

He said since PASC was not associated with Asas nor its affiliates, it was “laughable” for PASC advisor Voon Yong Hui to complain that there was “lack of support” from Asas.

On PASC emerging as overall champion at the meet, Kong pointed out that only 15 swimmers out of the 43-member team were from PASC while the rest were from the MSNS elite squad and Asas affiliates.

“What’s interesting is that Voon claimed the club spent RM35,000 for the meet and I am puzzled as the 28 non-club members and swimmers of the affiliates were either sponsored by Sarawak State Sports Council (MSNS) or self-sponsored and on top of that the Ministry had also given them a fund of RM10,000,” he added.

On another complaint against it, the Asas secretary said the Sukan Sarawak (Suksar) swimming time trial was organised by MSNS and an affiliate.

“It was not sanctioned by us and I believe the rules, regulations and penalty were structured by MSNS and the organiser. Therefore how can Asas be held responsible for something that was not Asas’ doing?” he asked.

On the accusation by Serian Amateur Swimming Association (SERIANS) that Asas used “unscrupulous tactics” to prevent its entry as an affiliate in the state body, Kong said their application failed because it did comply with Asas constitution Rule 6.1, stating “all members must be domicile in the division that they come from” and “50 per cent of the swimmers must be domicile in the Division that they come from.”

“To date, they have never appealed or re-applied for affiliation if they are able to fulfill that requirement,” Kong said.

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