Monday, May 23

‘Lax attitude of public encourages bogus dentists’


KUALA LUMPUR: Fake dentists are encouraged by the lax attitude of the public who take safety lightly, preferring shortcuts to get dental treatment.

President of the Malaysian Private Dental Practitioners Association (MPDPA) Dr V Nedunchelian said  the price of treatment offered by these bogus dentists was low, luring many people to their services.

“Now, it is easy for a person to get dental treatment from these bogus dentists who offer mobile services and can go to their homes or meet them anywhere.

“They also do not need to set an appointment or wait their turn, but they ignore safety, cleanliness and the dentist’s capability in treating them,” he told Bernama here yesterday.

Dr Nedunchelian said it was difficult to control the situation if these uncertified dentists continued to provide their services as there was demand for it.

“Dental treatment is not a simple process as it requires detailed clinical procedures.

“The doctor will check the patient first to ensure he is suitable and really need dental treatment so as to avoid any complications,” he said.

Dr Nedunchelian said in the case of one patient, he had to seek treatment when he suffered complications after he had false teeth implanted by a bogus dentist.

“The patient suffered serious gum swelling. His false teeth were stuck to the gums, causing extreme pain caused by the pressure on his gums and resulting in mouth ulcers.

“Using wires to fix the dentures is not the right technique. When I asked him where he received the service, the patient said someone came to him to fix the dentures, but he did not want to reveal the actual facts,” he said.

On the issue of false braces, Dr Nedunchelian urged the public not to follow the trend and ignore the risks.

“It is a treatment for people with problems of teeth spacing, overlapping or jaws which are not harmonious. People erroneously think that wearing braces is simple, does not require examination and that there are no complications, and can be learnt from YouTube,” he said. — Bernama