Anak Negeri backs Malay rulers in condemning racial, religious extremism

KOTA KINABALU: Parti Anak Negeri has called for an immediate and decisive action to stop the rise in racial and religious extremism, intolerance and bigotry in the country.

Its president Datuk Henrynus Amin said his party expected action to be taken by the relevant authorities against those who promoted hatred, mischief and disunity through hate speeches, bigotry and discrimination.

“We are seriously concerned about the actions by individuals or groups in Peninsular Malaysia with extreme racial and religious views that may pose an existential threat not only to peace, harmony and stability to our beloved nation but also to national security,” he said.

Henrynus said all Sabahans welcomed the fact the Majlis Raja Raja Melayu and individual Malay Rulers had spoken clearly and forcefully against the threat of racial and religious extremism.

“We urge all members and supporters of Parti Anak Negeri to wholeheartedly support the Majlis Raja Raja Melayu for taking up the leadership to protect the good name of Islam and to safeguard racial and religious harmony in the country,” he said.

He said Parti Anak Negeri was united with the stance taken by the Majlis Raja Raja Melayu in condemning racial and religious extremism in the country.

“The timely intervention of the Malay rulers resonate very well with the members and supporters of Parti Anak Negeri in Sabah.”

Henrynus reiterated his party’s support for the Malay rulers as an institution, a bastion of democracy and as a symbol of racial and religious harmony in a multi-ethnic and multi-racial country.

As Malaysians, he said, all members of Parti Anak Negeri would uphold the position of the Malay Rulers as head of the Islamic religion and also uphold the principles and spirit of the Rukun Negara and the Supremacy of the Federal Constitution.



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