PKS launches GE14 manifesto

KENINGAU: Defending the rights of Sabahans is one of the manifestos of Parti Kebangsaan Sabah (PKS) that was launched at a hotel here on Saturday.

The launching ceremony was conducted by party president Thomas Anggan and was attended by 100 delegates from the 25 divisions of the party across Sabah

Thomas said the People’s Manifesto was for the new Sabah democratic government for the people, from the people to the people of Sabah and to reject the Barisan Nasional (BN).

He said the policies, foundation and direction of the PKS struggle are to demand justice, security, freedom and human rights by firmly uniting for change.

According to him, the rights of the people of Sabah that will be defended if the party were to lead the Sabah state government after the 14th General Election are political, economic, autonomous power, poverty, justice, peace, freedom, development, security, welfare, health, education, land, forestry and sea.

In addition, he said the rights of the people of Sabah also include oil and minerals, culture, heritage and customs,  labour, finance, consumer tax, citizenship, religious freedom, fighting against corruption, overwhelming abuse of power and misconduct and the empowerment of immigration laws in the state.

He said Native Title land under 50 acres for Bumiputera ownership would only need to be paid once in a lifetime, while bumiputera application for land below 50 acres after two years would not be required to refer to the Department of Agriculture and Forestry as it can be approved by the District Land Use Committee, and Communal Title would be abolished.

“Through the approval of the Sabah State Assembly, the State Constitution will be amended to restore Sabah’s original status as a federation in Malaysia and at the same time the Head of State will be the Yang Dipertua Negara Sabah.

“The party will also enact Sabah’s export and import laws to abolish the cabotage policy, enact the Sabah National Registration law, Sabah’s birth and death ceritificate laws, international trade and industry laws and state consumer rights.

“Formulating Sabah Border Scout laws and re-establishing the Sabah Border Scouts, enacting the Sabah state education laws, enacting and improving Sabah’s land, forestry, agriculture and sea laws, and defend and protect indigenous customary land rights,” he said.

Thomas said that the party would also review the Federal Agreement of Malaysia 1963 (MA63), the Inter Government Commission Report, the Cobbold Commission Report and the 20 points of the terms of North Borneo’s participation in the formation of the Federation of Malaysia.

“If the people in the state give the mandate to PKS in GE14, the party will send a committee to London to obtain detailed information on the contents of the MA63 agreement.

“The party will also enact laws to take back Labuan Island, reduce the trading license fee from RM25 to RM15, reduce taxes to business premises and exempt petty traders from paying taxes,” he said.

He said the party would also abolish the GST in the state, enact oil, gas and mineral laws, abolish land tax for agriculture and homes, stop illegal logging activities and various illegal activities that are detrimental to the state and the people’s economy.

In addition, he said PKS would also reduce electricity tariffs, water bill payment to be made monthly, enact financial and tax laws, and enact Sabah’s banking laws.

Thomas added the party would also re-establish Sabah’s Ministry of Home Affairs, Health, Education, Land and Forestry (new ministry), Oil, Gas, Mines and Marine (new ministry), Welfare and Community Development, Information and International Trade and Industry Ministry.

“The party will also serve the people of this state in parallel, establishing a tribunal to handle Bumiputera custom land rights which involve cultural and tradition elements, increasing the involvement of women and youth in the socio-economic field and increase employment opportunities to eradicate unemployment.

“In addition, a sports academy would be established, as well as the Sabah Film Industry and claiming the right of special grant and surrender revenue to Sabah by 40 per cent since 1974 referring to the Federal Constitution of Article 12C, Part IV of Schedule 10 Para 1 (2).

“PKS will also intensify economic development, infrastructure development, health, education, security, agriculture and administration,” he said.

Thomas said that PKS leaders would distribute complete information regarding the manifesto to its members at the division and branch levels in the near future.

He urged the people of the state to give their mandate to the party’s candidates contesting in all state and parliamentary constituencies in GE14 to ensure that the party would able to form the government and its manifesto could be implemented.

At the event, Thomas handed over the appointment of party leaders as PKS coordinator chairmen at the division level.

Also present at the event were the three party deputy presidents, Duin Daud Bintarang, Alias Rahmad Benjamin and John Voo Hien Kong, vice-president and members of the party’s supreme council.

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