Governor: productive sustainable forest management not yet materialized

BANJARMASIN, South Kalimantan: South Kalimantan Governor H Sahbirin Noor said that the productive sustainable forest management in the province, which consisting of 13 districts and cities, municipalities have not yet materialized, Antaranews reported.

The governor spoke while explaining the draft regulation on the green revolution in South Kalimantan at a plenary session of the local legislative council headed by its deputy chairman Asbullah in Banjarmasin on Thursday.

According to him, the productive sustainable forest management has not been realized due to several problems, among others, the low concern of the parties to plant, to maintain and to implement forest protection.

In addition, forest management and community-based forest management have not been optimal, low post-harvest industry development, and lack of coordination of stakeholders in river basin areas-based forest management.

“The problem as I said earlier to be ironic given the data from the Agency for Regional Research and Development in 2010 in South Kalimantan there are 550 points of flood events,” he said.

While the data of the Ministry of Environment in 2015 showed the Environmental Quality Index (IKLH) of South Kalimantan is in the order of 26 out of 33 provinces in Indonesia, he said in the explanation read by Vice Governor H Rudy Resnawan.

Considering the problems and the natural condition of many critical areas of forest and land, according to him, a policy is needed to accelerate the effort to save the environment through proper activities, namely the greening movement throughout South Kalimantan.

“The greening movement with the main target of non-forested forest area in South Kalimantan is 854,711 hectares in which there is also a critical land of 640,709 ha,” said Uncle Birin (the governor’s nickname).

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