Banjarbaru turns hospital into shelter

BANJARBARU, S Kalimantan: The Banjarbaru City Government renovates the building of a former Banjarbaru District Hospital to be a shelter house planned to be operated in 2018,  Antaranews reported.

Banjarbaru City Secretary Said Abdullah here Saturday said the renovation of the former hospital building is almost complete.

“The renovation is almost complete so we dare to ensure the shelter operation to be starting in early 2018 and the Social Agency, whose office to moved there, will also occupy the building, ” he said.

He said a number of necessary facilities will complete the shelter house in the ex-hospital located on Jalan Palang Merah.

The facilities prepared will be conformed to the conditions of the person handled, including the rooms used for temporary shelters.

“Among which the room to be equipped with bed and bathroom, so it can be occupied temporarily by those handled by the Social Agency,” he said.

As the name implies, shelter houses are temporary shelter waiting for administrative settlement of the people who are secured because of social problems. “For example, displaced persons, punk children who were caught by raids. They temporarily accommodate while waiting for administrative settlement and picked up by the family,” he said.

According to him, the existence of shelter is very important for the city government to overcome the social problems.

“So far, if there is a raid of punk children or psychotic, we have difficulty in placing them. Now if there is a shelter house we can place them for a while,” he said.

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