Govt committed to realising aspirations of youth through TN50

SANDAKAN: The government is committed to realising the aspirations voiced out by the young generation through the National Transformation 2050 or Transformasi Nasional 2050 (TN50).

Sabah Barisan Nasional Youth chairman Yamani Hafez Musa, who is one of the TN50 icons, said that some of the relevant aspirations that were heard or voiced out during the TN50 dialogue do not need 30 years of time to be realised.

“For example, in this state, we have taken the aspirations of youths in Kota Marudu who wish to have the opportunity of starting a business in a specific area similar to Uptown in the peninsular.

“As a result, we discussed with the Kota Marudu district office and they identified two suitable areas which, I believe, this development can be started as soon as possible,” he explained at the TN50 Dialogue with Icons at the Datuk Quek Lam Mei Moi hall yesterday.

When asked by the audience on the difference between Vision 2020 and TN50, Hafez said Vision 2020 was not goal-oriented when it was first generated compared to TN50.

“Vision 2020 was made very general when it was first generated while TN50 is different, it is us who start the aspiration and then gather ideas on how to realise it. Through TN50, we know exactly what we want for our future to be,” he added.

Hafez said that in achieving the TN50, everyone, especially youths, shall have their aspiration and be part of the team contributing ideas thus preparing a better future for future generations.

“TN50 is not a political dialogue. It is beyond the political realm. This is where we can share aspirations, views, opinions, ideas and brainstorming as we approach the year 2050,” he said.

The event was inspired by the presence of an invited TN50 icon who is Sandakan-born Asia’s first female MiG-29 fighter pilot, Major Patricia Yapp.

Apart from Hafez, the 300-strong audience also had a chance for a dialogue session with Sandakan young leaders, Gerakan Sandakan Youth chief, Chan Tzun Hei and LDP Youth chief, Tsang Hieng Yee.

Among the aspirations voiced out by the audience during the TN50 dialogue are to have better medical services from the hospital in term of facilities so that chronic patients with cancer are able to receive treatment in Sandakan.

In order to generate more skilled workforce towards the year 2050, the audience also aspired for vocational training to be prioritized by upgrading the Sandakan Vocational College.

Meanwhile, Chan and Tsang agreed that the TN50 dialogue is a good platform for the public, especially youths, to voice out their aspirations directly to the leaders.

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