Banjarbaru builds urban transport halts

BANJARBARU, Kalimantan: The Banjarbaru Transportation Agency is building halts for passengers and urban transport fleets to pickup and drop passengers, Antaranews reported.

Banjarbaru Transportation Agency Head Ahmad Yani here on Monday said five stops are located at strategic points to serve passengers.

“There are five stops prepared, two new stops built in front of SMPN 9 North Loktabat and front of Idaman Hospital on Jalan Trikora and three other stops are only rehabilitated,” he said.

The three refurbished shelters are located across the Muslim cemetery in Cempaka Sub-district, in front of Al-Falah Putri Boarding School Km 20, and in front of Lambung Mangkurat University Km 35.

He said the form of shelters is built minimalist and can be used by every prospective passenger, both school children and the general public, who waited for urban transport.

“In the early stages, either the urban student car or the bus fleet will be not charged or free until the end of December 2017. In the future it will be charged,” he said.

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