Rayong welcomes Multimedia Authority Bill 2017

Dr Johnical Rayong Ngipa

THE Sarawak Multimedia Authority Bill 2017 comes at the right time when the state needs such an authority to regulate communication and multimedia activities.

In welcoming the Bill, Dr Johnichal Rayong Ngipa (BN-Engkilili) said though the Bill will involve extra financial expenditure from the state government, it will nevertheless give the state government the power to regulate its own multimedia activities in the state.

“With our development of digital economy in the state, we need fast access to the internet. To do so, Sarawak’s internet connectivity needs to be at least 100 to 150mbps.

“Our internet connectivity at the moment is very slow and even though we may have the tool, we don’t have good connectivity infrastructure,”

he said when debating the Sarawak Multimedia Authority Bill 2017 at the State Legislative Assembly (DUN) yesterday.

Rayong pointed out that in most rural areas of the state, it was still difficult to get proper internet connection.

“We can’t get a proper connection which is ridiculous as with today’s modern management, everything is online.”

He suggested that in order to enable digital economy in rural areas, internet infrastructure must be available first after which works should be done to increase the speed of internet access.

He was also elated to note that part six of the Bill intended to empower ministers and authorities concerned to deal with offences and penalties under clauses 26 to 33.

“Hence, offenders and those who misuse the internet, especially those who spread lies and false propagandas, can be caught and apprehended,” he remarked.

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