Promoting Iban Kuntau as one of top martial arts

Some of the kuntau exponents from Kelang Sinding Ujan Panas, Lang Nginau, Rimau Berantai, Kuntau Spring and Kelang Pukulan Tujuh during the Sports Week.

MIRI: The Iban Kuntau, that was once limited to private training arenas or ‘kelang’, has now become more open to the public as part of the effort to further promote the martial art.

The public acceptance of the martial art have been very encouraging. They have shown great interest in Iban Kuntau and many have already signed up for lessons.

And recently, CSM Management, a corporate company, had taken the initiative to promote Iban Kuntau at the Sports Week event which took place at Commerce Square Mall in Bintulu on Oct 22.

Sarawak Dayak Association (Pedas) Bintulu Branch chairman Pete Bujang said that this was the first time that the martial art is performed in a commercial centre.

“We are thankful to the shopping complex, especially CSM Management, for giving us the opportunity to promote kuntau in a commercial centre.

“Five kelang (arena) kuntau under the umbrella of Serakup Kuntau Bintulu (SKB) have been given the opportunity to promote the Iban traditional martial art,” he said.

The five kelangs were Kelang Sinding Ujan Panas, Lang Nginau, Rimau Berantai, Kuntau Spring and Kelang Pukulan Tujuh.

According to Pete, who was selected to perform the martial art at the event on behalf of kuntau guro (masters) under SKB, commercial centres such as shopping complexes are the best venue to promote Iban Kuntau.

He added that Pedas Bintulu welcomed any kind of efforts to promote Iban Kuntau and hoped to see more invitation for them to conduct demonstrations in public.

“This martial art can only be promoted if there are constant and ongoing publicity, and when this art is fully accepted by the public, especially the younger Iban generation, the art will be able to be on par with other popular martial arts,” he said.

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