Police chief: Other kingpins no dare to go in anymore

BANJARMASIN, South Kalimantan: The South Kalimantan Police Chief Brigadier General Rachmat Mulyana has pointed out that other kingpins would not dare to go into South Kalimantan after the big catch of network suppliers over seven million Zenith pills, Antaranews reported.

“So far there has been no indication of Zenith’s supply coming to South Kalimantan. Hopefully with the capture of large networks some time ago could be a shock therapy,” Rachmat said in Banjarmasin on Thursday.

The police chief also ensured that shock therapy can stop the intention of the unscrupulous kingpin who try to supply Zenith or narcotics such as sabu-sabu and ecstasy to his jurisdiction.

“Moreover, trying to seduce the apparatus into a backing, I must smash all the elements involved,” said the one-star general.

Asked about sanctions against Second Insp (Iptu) M who was a backing, Rachmat said it will be determined by the court of the Commission Code of Ethics.

“In addition to internal sanctions, the suspect is also threatened in the public court,” said Kapolda.

Brigadier General Rachmat’s stance and commitment to drug eradication, especially Zenith, has indeed been demonstrated by the discloser of one by one of large drug dealers.

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