Terabai Menua supports peaceful rally on NCR land

March Jenggo

MIRI: Dayak-based non-government association, Terabai Menua (TM) has pledged its support for the peaceful rally organised by Sarawak Dayak Iban Association (Sadia) at Kuching Waterfront next Monday.

In a press statement here yesterday, the NGO admitted that the rally means a lot to the Dayak community here as it shows that they are serious in protecting and fighting for issues related to their native customary right (NCR) land, as well as Pemakai Menua and Pulau Galau (PMPG).

This peaceful rally is very meaningful to the Dayak community as it mirrors the efforts by all Dayak in the state who have come together in unity to protect their NCR land.

“It is their lands and rights passed down to them from their ancestors for many generations. This is also one of Terabai Menua’s fight for the Dayak people here,” said the advisor of Terabai Menua, March Jenggo on behalf of the association.

“Today there are more than 400 Dayak NCR land cases in court, involving thousands of families. Dayak would live like immigrants in their own country when they lose their NCR land.

“The people is not protesting against the government’s effort to develop NCR land but the way the land are being taken away from landowners through the issuance of PL license to companies are taking away rights on the land from the landowners,” Mark said.

He said that if the Sarawak Government really wants to help the Dayak community resolve their land issues, the government can amend the Sarawak Land Code by recognising Pemakai Menua and Pulau galau land status of the Iban community.

“I’m sure all problems regarding PMPG lands can be resolved,” he said adding that Terabai Menua members will also be participating in the rally which is supported by numerous Dayak-based NGOs.

He said Terabai Menua is urging all members in Sarawak to take part in the peaceful rally to demand that the government recognise NCR land and PMPG in Sarawak Land Code for the good of Dayaks in the state,” he added.

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