Supply of diesel for generator-run rural clinics insufficient — Dennis

Dennis Ngau

KUCHING: The amount of diesel supplied to rural clinics in the state via generators is still insufficient.

Dennis Ngau (BN-Telang Usan) said rural clinics in his constituency are forced to turn off generators at night due to shortage of diesel.

He said this caused the clinics to be pitch dark as if they are haunted.

“Imagine having a family member warded for overnight observation in a pitch dark ward, knowing very well that a clinic is a place where many things happen.

“This is what I was told by my constituents, who have been warded and cared for at the rural clinic,” he said while debating the State Budget 2018 at the State Legislative Assembly (DUN) yesterday.

He called on the state government to look into the matter seriously and urgently.

Dennis also pointed out that the quality of water in rivers and streams in his constituency have been found to be unsuitable for consumption.

“The water is found to be badly contaminated with harmful chemicals and other impurities, believed due to irresponsible disposal of toxic waste from farming activities and other industries,” he said.

Dennis said a project team consisting of local specialists and professionals has been formed to propose a water supply technology system to treat the contaminated water.

“These proposals have been submitted to the ministry concerned to introduce the use of water filtration and lamina technology,” he said, adding that the estimated cost of each completed water supply project will be below RM10 million.

The four locations are Long Laput, Long San, Long Bemang, and Long Lama Town.

Dennis also proposed 12 other locations, which have yet to be surveyed but could also be implemented with the proposed budget.

They are Long Bedian Sub-District, Long Atip, Long Pilah, Daleh Long Pelutan, Long Loyang Tinjar, Long Keliman, Long Anap, Long Kevuk, Long Latie, Long Selatong Tepalit, Sungai Dua, and Long Banyok.

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