Wednesday, October 20

Patrols for other areas can be arranged – CM


ADJUSTMENTS to the security forces’ concentration in Sabah can be made according to urgency and requests, said Chief Minister Tan Sri Musa Aman.

Currently, Musa said security forces were prioritizing the Sebatik, Sabah to Philippines sea route areas.

However, he assured Sebatik assemblyman Datuk Abdul Muis Picho that security forces are also always present at the Sebatik to Indonesia seaway.

“But right now the route between Sebatik and the Indonesian waters is allowed. However, it is always monitored by ESScom so things do not happen,” he said in response to Abdul Muis’ question at the state assembly yesterday.

“Right now, we are paying more attention to the waters between Sebatik and the Philippines.

“If we feel that it is necessary, we will also patrol the areas in question as requested,” he said..

Abdul Muis had asked in the House whether the state government had plans to establish a zoning route dedicated to foreign entries, especially in the Sebatik waters.

He claimed Sebatik, especially in places such at Sungai Udin and Kalabakan, had been the landing point for illegal foreign entries and its waters had also been used for smuggling activities.

He said the activities usually happened on a Nunukan to Sungai Udin route at Ulu Sebatik as many of the hidden routes were being used by illegals there.

In response to Tamparuli assemblyman Datuk Seri Panglima Wilfred Mojilip Bumburing, Musa said Sea Check Point (SCP) and Road Check Point (RCP) spots had been located in ESSZone to safeguard the state’s safety and security, especially against the Islamic State (IS), a religious terrorist group.

“As long as there are elements or militants invading our area, we are ready to make sure, not only from the sea but also from land checks, that no elements can intrude into our area,” Musa said.

“This is being monitored by ESSCom in detail from time to time. We also have intelligence, where we have cooperation between the Philippines, and, especially the Malaysian side, we are constantly exchanging reports or intelligence so we know the movements of  undesirable people, especially militants or IS,” he elaborated.

Bumburing had asked whether the state has put in measures to identify the presence of Abu Sayaf or IS recruits within Sabah as  people from the state had been involved in the IS Kota Marawi war and had been identified as Abu Sayaf members in Kuala Lumpur.

Musa also told Kapayan assemblyman Dr Edwin Bosi that the matter of green turtle killings in Sabah was not directly under the purview of ESSCom.

However, he added the state government had given a RM1 million allocation to protect the species during nesting season in Sabah.