A worker killed buried by coal landslide

KANDANGAN, S Kalimantan: A worker was killed by an avalanche, while dredging the coal site wall in Malutu Village, Padang Batung Sub-district, HSS, AntaranewsKalsel reported.

Herman (30), an employee of PT BRM, Tayub resident, Madang Village, Padang Batung Sub-district, suffered work accident while doing the work on Saturday (25/11) at 09.00 am.

Ari, a local resident in Padang Batung, said the victim used a Komatsu PC 200 excavator to dredge the location of coal.

“Suddenly there was a landslide which caused the victims to be buried in the land and the Kriston, then it was dredged to find the victim and found in critical condition,” he said.

The work accident happened in block C, a coal mining site owned by village-level cooperatives (KUD) Karya Murni, whose work land is being done by PT BRM.

The victim was taken to the District Hospital Brigadier H Hassan Basry, Kandangan, to get medical help, but by the medical officer who handled the victim declared he was dead.

The victim who is the employee of PT BRM came from the village of Banjarsari, Jorong, Tanah Laut District. He settled and married in Tayub, Madang Village.

By his family, the victim has been dispatched to his hometown in the village of Banjarsari for burial. While the case of his death in handled by HSS police.

Head Unit of HSS Criminal Investigation Police Adj Comr (AKP) Reza Bramantya in Kandangan said the police was examining the case in the field.

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