240 recommendations in Auditor General’s Report 2016 series 2

KUALA LUMPUR: The Auditor General’s Report (AGR) 2016 Series 2 tabled in Parliament yesterday contained 240 recommendations aimed at correcting and improving weaknesses in the public sector.

Auditor-General Tan Sri Dr Madinah Mohamad said 74 of the recommendations related to activities of federal ministries/departments and federal statutory bodies; 36 were related to management of federal government companies and agencies, and 130, to management of activities by ministries/departments/agencies and management of state government companies.

She said 19 performance audits and eight government company management audits were carried out for the AGR 2016 Series 2.

“At state level, 25 performance audits and 11 state government company audits were carried out. The audit covered various fields, including programme management, construction, maintenance and upgrading, acquisition and company management,” she said in a statement to Bernama.

She said the AGR also included verification of financial statements of federal statutory bodies, Federal Consolidated Funds, Trust Accounts and Other Agencies; management of government companies and federal government agencies as well as state government financial statements and  financial performance of agencies in 2016.

Madinah said  in 2017, the National Audit Department audited 145 financial statements for year 2016, involving 133 federal statutory bodies, 10 Federal Consolidated Funds and Trust Accounts and two other agencies.

She said 126 financial statements were given the ‘Audit Certificate Without Reprimand’; 12, the ‘Audit Certificate Without Reprimand with Emphasis of Matter’; and four, the ‘Audit Certificate With Reprimand’.

One financial statement was deemed inconsistent while two had not been confirmed as of Sept 15, 2017 due to late submission and incomplete supporting documents.

For the audit on 310 financial statements of  state governments and state government agencies, 287 were issued Audit Certificates Without Reprimand.

“Eight financial statements were given Audit Certificates with Emphasis of Matters and 15, the Audit Certificates With Reprimand,” she said.

She said eight financial statements were being audited while another three had not been submitted for auditing.

The contents and synopsis of the AGR 2016 could be accessed via http://www.audit.gov.my. — Bernama

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