Tabalong socializes non-smoking areas rule

TANJUNG, S Kalimantan: The Health Agency in Tabalong District, South Kalimantan, held a socialization of Local Regulation on Non-Smoking Area (KTR) to maintain a clean and healthy environment, Antaranews reported.

The Acting Head of the Health Agency Arianto in Tanjung, Tuesday, said the Regulation No. 3/2017 is a law to rule people not to smoke indiscriminately.

“This regulation is not to ban people smoking, but the rules that require people not to smoke carelessly,” explained Arianto.

Non-smoking areas based on the local regulations include health facilities, workplaces, public transport, places of worship and other places defined.

Arianto affirmed that public transport drivers in Tabalong area are also prohibited to smoke in vehicles including passengers.

Furthermore, to support the implementation of the regulation, local governments will build special facilities for eligible smoking, such as separated from the main hall and away from the entrance or exit.

The socialization was attended by the Health Office staffs, including the community health centers (puskesmas) and members of PKK Kabupaten Tabalong.

As a resource person was Head of Prevention and Eradication of the agency Akhmad Rivai and Head of Board of Legal Akhmad Fauzi.

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