National Golden Glove Championship kicks off in Sibu

Hii (second left) unveils the golden glove to officiate at the opening of the National Golden Glove Championship.

SIBU: Boxing is a combat sport that can build physical and mental strength and it does not promote violence as most have suggested, said Sibu Resident Hii Chang Kee.

“Boxing also helps in shaping character, particularly in the aspect of discipline,” he added.

Hii was speaking at the opening of the National Golden Glove Championship held at Sibu Indoor Stadium on Tuesday night.

More than 50 boxers from throughout the country have entered for the inaugural competition.

Also present at the opening ceremony was Sarawak Boxing Association president Dato Rahman Lariwoo.

The tournament was organised to tap boxing talents and to select boxers for national level championships, Hii pointed out.

Touching on the Sarawak Games (Suksar) which will be held in Kuching from Dec 14 to 17, Hii said it would feature 14 events for Sarawakians below 19 years old.

“Suksar is not only aimed at discovering new talents at the state level but selecting athletes for the Perak Sukma next year.

“The sports associations must be active in organising more championships, courses and sports clinics to reciprocate the government’s efforts in advancing sports,” he suggested.

Meanwhile, the National Golden Glove Championship is a famous tournament in boxing world under the Amateur World Boxing Association.

“Thanks to Sarawak Boxing Association for choosing Sibu to host the National Golden Glove Championship 2017,” Hii enthused.

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