Villagers complain of constant flood

Flood on a road in Kampung Jeriah compels a motorist to stop using his car.

A motorcyclist braves the flood waters.

SIBU: Villagers of Kampung Jeriah are appealing to the authorities to look into their plight after being hit repeatedly by flash floods all year round.

“There have been efforts made to address the problem, but flash flood is still a regular occurrence,” they lamented.

They said many parts of the village were inundated by flood each time it rained heavily.

“Recently, we had to put up with flash flood for three continuous days. As I speak, many part of the village now are inundated by flood waters,” one of the villagers said.

He added the flood water was not going to disappear any time soon because of the continuous rain. Many sections of the road are also not passable to vehicular traffics.


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