Imbak Canyon has untapped tourism potential – researcher


KOTA KINABALU: While nobody can deny that Imbak Canyon is a potential product to be developed as a tourism site, the number of arrival of domestic visitors is still low.

During the recent Yayasan Sabah and Petronas Batu Timbang Scientific Expedition, a researcher who focused his data collection on tourism potential, Jarry K Lajanga, said there was a need to promote Imbak Canyon to the locals.

“Proper planning needs to be done to ensure our locals can appreciate what we have in Imbak Canyon. We want our locals to see what we have here so that they will understand more about conservation efforts and everyone can become a part of it.

“Apart from waterfalls, flora and fauna, trekking… there is so many to add to the bucket list. In my personal opinion, more promotion needs to be done to attract our locals to add Imbak Canyon as one of their must-visit places.

“However, proper infrastructure also needs to be developed there, such as providing an alternative road in case of emergency,” he added.

Jarry is one of the presenters who delivered a working paper on findings from the expedition.