Banjarmasin to build a Glass Footbridge

BANJARMASIN, S Kalimantan: The city government of Banjarmasin plans to build a new tourism icon in the form of a transparent pedestrian bridge (JPO) with its floor of glass above Martapura River, AntaranewsKalsel reported.

“The transparent JPO will connect the river embankment (known here as siring) of Jalan Piare Tendean to river embankment on Jalan Sudirman,” said Mayor Ibnu Sina in Banjarmasin on Tuesday.

According to him, this transparent footbridge is built to propage the number of tourists to these attractions. “Because tourist attraction of Martapura River embankment has been advanced and its visitors increase every year, so it needs more facilities that attract more people to visit Banjarmasin,” he said.

This transparent footbridge development is expected to be realized since 2018 with the making of DED or detailed design then the construction to be in 2019.

“This JPO built in addition to showing the beauty with sparkling ornamental lights at night, also local typical ornaments, while the floor to be made transparent so it can be a test for guts to whom crossing,” said Ibnu Sina.

Another goal, he said, in order to facilitate the people to go to Menara Pandang (the tower building to view the scenery of the city of Banjarmasin), considering every weekend the attraction area is always overcrowd.

Gusti Ridwan Sofyani, Head of Public Works and Spatial Planning, said at City Hall that the transparent footbridge is in the feasibility test stage and even the final study for the manufacture of DED.

“The ideal location of the construction is at the point of siring front of Batung Batulis Hotel on Jalan Sudirman, while the opposite point is in Menara Pandang,” he said.

He has not been able to ensure a large budget for the construction of a transparent JPO without this middle mast or type of suspension bridge, but estimates .

“This JPO will be made about 15 meters high from the surface of the water, so as not to disrupt the flow of river transportation,” he said and estimating the fund for the footbridge around Rp15 billion.

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