Parti Anak Negeri committed to five principles of struggle

Dr Edwin Bosi

PENAMPANG: Parti Anak Negeri is committed to five principles in its struggle to fight for equality and dignity of the Anak Negeri who are born in Sabah.

Kapayan assemblyman Dr Edwin Bosi said this in a political talk to villagers of Kampung Pinousuk, Inobong Penampang on December 5.

He also said that the other principles are: to fight for freedom of religion as per guarantee inscribed in the Oath Stone (Batu Sumpah) in Keningau; to defend the Constitution through giving proper citizenship and guaranteeing the birth rights of Anak Negeri in determining their political, social and economical destiny; to defend the ownership rights and development of native customary rights (NCR) land; to ensure the full implementation of our independence rights which was achieved and defined through the Malaysia Agreement 1963, and to erase any remnants of colonial policy.

Bosi, who is Parti Anak Negeri chief coordinator for P.174 Penampang, also highlighted to the audience as to how the Anak Negeri has lost its population and electoral advantage through Project IC.

“The RCI on illegal immigrants has proven beyond doubt that Project IC existed and with it the drastic change made in the demography of Sabah,” he said.

He added that it is only through political unity under one political platform that can make the Anak Negeri restore their political bargaining power and dignity.

Bosi reckons that it is not impossible for Parti Anak Negeri to win enough seats to form the government or be part of a formidable new coalition government.

In Penampang, Parti Anak Negeri acknowledges the relevance of the late Datuk Peter Mojuntin and the need to continue his unfinished struggle, while in the Interior, the party will continue the struggle of the late G S Sundang and OKK Sedomon.

In the Murut heartland of Tenom and Pensiangan, it will continue the struggle of Ontoros, the Murut warrior.

Bosi gave assurance that a Parti Anak Negeri government will look after the welfare of all elderly parents while at the same time, provide assistance to our young boys and girls in school up to university level.

“This program is basically to acknowledge the sacrifices of our parents and the preparation of our young generation for their future role in developing our beloved Sabah,” he said.

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