Sunday, September 25

Flash floods hit several areas in Kuching


Photos of flash flood in Tabuan Dayak taken by Chimon Upon


A dog chained up to a lamp post while surrounded by flood waters.


A car passes through a flooded lane in Tabuan Dayak.


KUCHING: Continuous heavy downpour since yesterday afternoon resulted in flash floods in a few areas here.

The areas that were reportedly hit by flash floods were Kampung Tabuan Dayak, Kampung Astana, Kampung Sinjan Jaya, Kampung Sungai Apong, Kampung Semerah Padi, Kampung Semariang Bentara and Kampung Sinar Budi Baru.

A resident of Kampung Tabuan Dayak told The Borneo Post that the water started flooding his area at around 3am following the heavy downpour.