PMI denies selling blood

BANJARMASIN, S Kalimantan: The South Kalimantan Red Cross (PMI) official denied any allegation that his organization sold or commercialized blood, Antaranewskalsel reported.

PMI South Kalimantan Secretary Ir Gusti Perdana Kusuma said the rebuttal after the opening of three types of PMI training at the Pyramid Suites Hotel Banjarmasin, on Thursday night.

“If all this time the user or who needs blood spend hundreds of thousands of rupiah, that does not mean PMI sell or commercialize the blood,” he replied reporters in Banjarmasin.

Dana (other intimate calls to Gt Perdana) clarified the payment of the user of blood aid to PMI as a substitute for blood bags as well as other related materials such as blood sterilization.

The reason continued the former member of South Kalimantan DPRD, blood bags are not free, but bought at a price of about Rp350.000 per bag, not including the material to sterilize blood.

“Besides, only the officers who take care of blood transfusion there is no levy to blood users,” said Dana who is also the Chairman of Development of Achievement of the National Sports Council (KONI) South Kalimantan.

Meanwhile, he explained the purpose of the training in order to increase the knowledge and skills of PMI officers in all districts and cities in South Kalimantan in implementing the PMI’s task.

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