Governor encourages farmers to increase rice production

MARTAPURA, S Kalimantan: South Kalimantan Governor Sahbirin Noor seeks to support and encourage farmers in Banjar District to increase agricultural production, either rice or other food crops to support national food self-sufficiency program, AntaranewsKalsel reported.

The support of the Governor was manifested by attending farmers’ invitation to “Selamatan Padang” or harvest thanksgiving in Sungai Batang Village, Martapura Barat Subdistrict, which location is in remote areas, on Wednesday.

Although he has to board a traditional wooden motorboat or kelotok to the People’s Hall in the Village through the Martapura River, the Governor remained eager to come.

According to the Governor, Banjar District is one of the food granaries in South Kalimantan, so there must be serious efforts from all parties to continue to support farmers to increase production.

The Governor hopes what has been harvested by farmers in the region, can support Banjar District specifically towards food sovereignty.

The presence of the governor in the event in the field was as well to inaugurate the Batang River Village Hall which was name after him Uncle Birin People’s Hall. It is in the middle of the rice field.

Deputy Regent of Banjar H Saidi Mansyur hoped the arrival of number one person in south Kalimantan this time can strengthen the relationship between citizens with the government, as well as a motivation for farmers to continue to develop the food crop sector.

Head of Sungai Batang Village Muhammad Aspi expressed his gratitude and appreciation to the Governor of South Kalimantan who was pleased to attend.

“I would like to say welcome to Batang River and this is the fourth time Uncle Birin has been present at this event,” he said.

According to him, the location of this activity is quite unique because it is in the middle of the rice fields.

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