Teenager becomes latest crocodile attack victim

The site of the crocodile attack.

DEBAK: A teenager’s fishing trip became a tragedy when he was the latest crocodile attack victim here today (Jan 3).

The tragic incident occured at Kampung Melayu Dit around 5.30pm.

Abang Mohammad Haikal, 13, was fishing with a friend Senie Bujang,54 at the river nearby the village.

Senie said the crocodile suddenly grabbed Abang Mohamad Ikal’s leg before pulling him into the water.

At the particular time it was high tide and the water level, rising up fast, he said.

Subsequently an intergrated search and rescue (SAR) operation was mounted.

Involved in the SAR operation were villagers, the Police, Fire and Rescue Department and Civil Defence Force from Betong Division.

The SAR operation has been postponed due to darkness and will resume tomorrow morning. The victim has yet to be found as of press time.

Abang Mohammad Haikal is the youngest son of villager Abang Suip and wife Teh from Kampung Hilir Dit.


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