CONNECTMe to offer broadband services with 100% country coverage

A new broadband service provider CONNECTme is entering the Malaysian market, promising 100% coverage of the country using satellite based transmission.

This would be one of the best solution for underserved population, they don’t have much choice except for ADSL services like Streamyx or slower 3G/2G connectivity.

This new provider is called CONNECTme and it is expected to launch on 8 March this year. Unlike the typical convectional broadband provider, CONNECTme uses satellite for access . It allows you to stay connected nationwide, provided there’s a line of sight to the satellite.

For on-demand usage, it will cost you RM25/GB. The fixed monthly commitment option will option costs RM450/month with 25GB of quota. Once you hit the data quota, you will be directed to the page that to purchase more data. [email protected] allows subscribers to connect to the service’s WiFi hotspots at RM10 per 1GB. Kindly note that prices shown are not inclusive of GST.

In terms of performance, CONNECTme provides up to 15Mbps of download speed on best-effort basis. However, the service does not specify its upload speed.


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