Hsu police raids drug party at lodge

BANJARMASIN, S Kalimantan: Drug Detective Unit (Satresnarkoba) of North Hulu Sungai (HSU) Police raided a drug party at an inn in Amuntai City, South Kalimantan, AntaranewsKalsel reported.

“Two perpetrators were secured when having a sabu-sabu party in an inn room,” Head of the HSU Police Public Relation Sec Inspector (Iptu) Alam said in Amuntai on Saturday.

During the raid on S alias L (43) and LS alias U (27), the officer found a glass pipette containing narcotics type sabu-sabu with an overall weight of 4.13 grams.

“Both of the perpetrators are staging a drug party, because when raided we find evidence of a sabu-sabu suction tool just used,” Alam told.

The disclosure of the narcotics crime stems from the information received by police that there will be a sabu-sabu party at an inn on Jalan Abdul Aziz, Central Amuntai.

“Satresnarkoba members searched room inn No. 011 with witnessed innkeepers and found some evidence,” Alam added.

Suspect S and his girlfriend now have to languish in Detention Center HSU Police. Both are charged with Act No. 35/2009 About Narcotics.

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