600 students skip schools due to floods

KOTA MARUDU: Some 600 students were forced to skip school after six primary and secondary schools here were shut down due to floods.

Sabah Malaysia Civil Defence Force (MCDF) director Colonel Kamal Mokhtar said among the affected schools were Sekolah Kebangsaan (SK) Kanibongan, SK Dalas, SK Kusilad, SK Sosop, SK Pandan Mendamai and Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan (SMK) Kanibongan.

Nine villages were also badly affected by the flood caused by continuous rain since Wednesday, he said.

“Flood victims from Kampung Rukom Ulu, Kg Salimpodon Darat, Kg Sibaung, Kg Kebatasan Laut, Kg Sulakolung Kanibongan, Kg Kutoyon Kanibongan, Kg Masin Besar Kanibongan, Kg Kanibongan and Kg Mandamai have been evacuated from their villages and are currently taking shelter at SK Rukom which has been converted into a temporary shelter,” he said.

Kamal added that the water level at Sungai Bengkok and Sungai Kabatasan had reached the danger level and the MCDF continued monitoring the flood situation.

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