MNS president condemns restaurants serving shark fin dishes

Despite calls for a ban, shark fin soup is still a popular dish in Miri, especially during Chinese New Year.

MIRI: Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) Miri Branch, Iqbal Abdollah, has condemned restaurants here which still serve shark fin dishes and promoting them as a special dish for the coming Chinese New Year.

In a Facebook posting in response to a concerned netizen who alerted him that shark fin dishes are still being served in some restaurants here, Iqbal said even though there is no law in the country prohibiting sale of shark fin dishes, hotels and restaurants should voluntarily stop serving them.

“Despite the calls to ban shark fin soup globally, there are still places offering the dish. There may be consumers who do not understand the importance to say no to shark fin in order to protect the sharks as the damage on the marine ecology if they were to disappear would be catastrophic,” he said.

He lamented that despite campaigns against shark fins held at state and national-level some hotel and restaurant owners continue to serve shark fin dishes.

“The consumers actually play a major role too. If there is demand, there will be supply. When the demand has stopped, the supply will be cut off too. Hence, it is time for us to play the major role by stop eating shark fin,” he said.

The Borneo Post contacted general manager of Meritz Hotel Miri, John Teo for comments on the issue. He said Meritz Hotel had done its part by not serving shark fins since several years ago.

“I cannot comment for others, but it really depends on one’s choices, as they are not restricted by the law. Educating the public is very important and we are doing our part to save nature,” he said.

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