Governor revokes PT Sebuku coal mining permit

BANJARMASIN, S Kalimantan: South Kalimantan Governor H Sahbirin Noor revoked PT Sebuku coal mining permit in Kotabaru District, AntaranewsKalsel reported.

“There are three locations (whose permits are revoked), namely PT Sebuku Batubai Coal in North Pulau Laut and Central Pulau Laut Sub-district, PT Sebuku Sejaka Coal in East Pulau Laut, and PT Sebuku Tanjung Coal in Central and North Pulau Laut,” said Head of the South Kalimantan Capital Investment and One-Stop Integrated Services (DPMPTSP) Nafarin in Banjarbaru, Friday.

He explained that the provincial government consideration has been very careful, either of social aspect, protecting the public interest, and legal certainty, and to the environment, also academic studies from several university experts, such as Lambung Mangkurat University (ULM).

“Recommendation from the coal mining review team on Pulau Laut on January 18, 2018 stated that the carrying capacity of the local environment is not feasible to be mined, including in the low category, so that during the dry season the ability to store water is very low and this is assessed when the condition of no mining activity,” he explained accompanied by Assistant III of PublicAdministration Syamsir Rahman at the provincial government Office.

In addition to the study of academics, the Governor’s decision was strongly encouraged by the aspirations of various elements of Kotabaru community who rejected the existence of a mine on Pulau Laut, starting from the recommendation of the Kotabaru Muhammadiyah Executive, Forum Communications to Rescue Pulau Laut Movements, and fish merchant and fisherman group.

“After numerous demonstrations and mining rejection on the island, the South Kalimantan Provincial Government together with the Chairman and Vice Chairman of Kotabaru DPRD and the rank ofKotabaru District Government held a meeting on September 13, 2017, which essentially supported and recommended Pulau Laut free from a coal mine,” said Nafarin.

The revocation of coal mining business license actually had been issued by Regent Kotabaru in 2010 and is considered officially valid since the governor’s decision set on January 26, 2018.

“No later than six months after the license is revoked, the obligations of IUP holders must be fulfilled and with the revocation of permits the mining area becomes a free territory and belongs to the state by law,” Nafarin said.

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