Bekantans decorate Balangan Botanical Garden

BANJARMASIN, S Kalimantan: A company of proboscis monkeys (Nasaranis Larvatus) are in the Balangan Botanical Garden not far from Paringin, the capital of the district, South Kalimantan, enriching the area if you want it to be a tourist attraction, AntaranewsKalsel reported.

An officer at the botanical gardens Muhammad Pahnor said on Tuesday, the herd of Bekantans is actually often seen in the former forest city.

“They are in the location of the botanical gardens on Jalan Gunung Pandau, Paringin Sub-district, precisely behind the Garuda Maharam Housing Complex which is a residential area of Balangan District officials, then this should be promoted as a tourist attraction,” said Pahnor.

The proboscis is often seen in the morning and in the afternoon and when they see the visitor immediately away, they seem quite sensitive to human visits.

But if they look from a distance they are less disturbed, Pahnor said.

In addition, there is also lutung (black long-tailed monkey) or local language of hirangan that often make a sound when viewing visitors.

There are also gray monkeys and tangkarawak. Tangkarawak is a squirrel but has a reddish-brown skin, and its body is very large, about one meter long, often called a giant squirrel.

Not only a lot of animals, in the area of the botanical garden there are also a variety of forest plants or species of large timber trees, such as meranti, sintuk, ulin, sungkai, ladiran, various palm, various rattan, and various fruits.

Seeing the condition of the area which covers ??five hectares, it is worth selling as a tourist attraction mainstay of Balangan.

Even Pahnor, who is also Chairman of the environmental organization Citra Sanggam Green Community Forum (FKH) Balangan assessed this botanical garden can be an example of Kalimantan forest as a research location and forest education, then it can be expanded and equipped with other collection.

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