HSU prevents industrial monopoly

AMUNTAI, S Kalimantan: The North Hulu Sungai (HSU) District, South Kalimantan, prevents the concentration or control of industry by group or individual who can harm the community, AntaranewsKalsel reported.

Vice Regent of HSU Husairi Abdi in Amuntai on Monday said the industry sector needs to be regulated, one of which is to ensure business certainty.

“The submission of the draft regulation governing the industrial problem is to open up opportunities for business and the expansion of employment for the community,” Husairi said.

He said the juridical submission of draft regulation on the Industrial Development Plan of the Regency (RPIK) in order to fulfill the mandate of Act No. 3/2014 on industry and Government Regulation No. 14/2015 on the National Industrial Development Master Plan 2015 – 2035.

The vision of industrial sector development in HSU District is an advanced, self-sustaining, and competitive industry as a populist economy based on local resources.

In order to realize this vision, Husairi said, there are five missions held by the local government of HSU, namely the development of local resource-based industries with a focus on small and medium-sized industries as well as creative industries that many people work in the HSU.

“We also strengthen infrastructure and industrial facilities and human resources,” he explained.

Husairi added another mission is improving effective and efficient distribution systems and increased use of domestic production.

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