12 internship doctors end dedication in Batola

MARABAHAN, S Kalimantan: After conducting one year’s devotion, 12 doctors from the Internship Dokter Indonesia program ended their service in Barito Kuala (Batola) District, South Kalimantan, AntaranewsKalsel reported.

As a form of appreciation, Batola government gave the charter to 12 doctors at an Early February Ceremony led by Vice Regent H Rahmadian Noor, Monday (5/2).

The Vice Regent expressed his gratitude to the doctors who have been sincerely sincere in their devotion in various parts of the district.

“We can understand the duties of the doctors for a year of dedication is very heavy and in conditions of all shortcomings and limitations,” he said.

On behalf of the government and the whole community, vice regent thanked and appreciated the highest and apologized if during their duty there were inconveniences and shortcomings.

Rahmadi said the doctor’s job is actually a very noble profession. He himself had aspired to become a doctor, but not accomplished.

Vice Regent hoped that the Internship Dokter Indonesia program should continue to be given to Batola considering the existence of doctors is very helpful for Batola society geographically quite difficult to reach health services in the capital district and subdistrict.

Earlier, Head of Health Agency Sugian Nor said 12 internship doctors had only served for 12 months, with details of four months at the community health center (puskesmas) and eight months in the hospital.

While the salary comes from the Ministry of Health and additional from the district government Rp1 million per month. Other facilities provided in the form of a house or makeshift housing, he said.

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