Brief appearance by sun-basking croc alarms public

A photo taken by Atiro shows the crocodile basking in the sun.

Atiro points to where the crocodile would always emerge from the drain.

SIBU: Several members of the public were alarmed by the sudden presence of a crocodile at the junction of Sie Poi Kheng and Jalan Tun Abang Haji Openg yesterday.

Reporters who rushed to the location upon being informed of the sighting were disappointed to learn that the reptile had disappeared only minutes prior to their arrival.

They were, however, informed by a worker at a nearby automobile workshop that the crocodile regularly appears in the area.

“It is about five feet long, and usually comes out to bask in the sun before disappearing again. My brother and I have seen it numerous times,” said the worker, who identified himself only as Atiro.

He said he believes that the reptile made its way from the river through the drains in the town, and showed a few photos of the croc which he snapped earlier using his mobile phone.

“I hope the authorities can catch it and release it back into the wild because there’s probably not much food in the drain and it might starve,” added Atiro.

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