Five-star rating for state’s flood management in Selangau – Shahidan

Shahidan fields questions from members of the media.

SIBU: Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim has given a five-star rating for state’s flood management in Selangau.

He said the number of flood victims in Selangau is under control and they are well taken care of at the evacuation centres.

“There is a good flood management despite some lacking due to disconnected water supply but this has been overcome through provision of bottled water and so on.

“Most importantly, the flood victims are well taken care off. I am satisfied although there is lacking – the management of flood in Sarawak in the area of YB Datuk Joseph Entulu (Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department) – we give a five-star rating,” Shahidan told a press conference at Sibu Airport, prior leaving for Kuala Lumpur today.

On Wednesday night, Shahidan visited Selangau and managed to drop by SJK Tong Ah – one of evacuation centres there.

He was accompanied by National Disaster Management Committee (Nadma) director-general Datuk Abd Rashid Harun.

He added that group will go to all (affected) places and that he had sent a representative to visit several places, but did not specify the locations.

Earlier in the press conference, Shahidan assured that any lacking, such as fans in evacuation centres will be looked into immediately.

“We will look into what is lacking and we will help. In SJK Tong Ah – there is no water as well as District Office there as the water (supply) from Sibu has been disconnected.

“Today, perhaps, it will be restored. But I have told the District Office to buy water from Sibu or nearby areas so that water can be supplied to flood victims – So, we have no problem – Nadma will pay.”

He also announced that (additional) boats will be provided for long-term (use) as there are only four boats under Civil Defence Force (APM) and other agencies used for evacuations.

“We will add (more) boats – there is no problem about that,” he assured.

Adding on, he disclosed that tents will be provided for the victims to safeguard their privacy.

Shahidan said the partition (tents) had arrived in Kuching and would be distributed here.

“I have mentioned in Kuching recently about the provision of 4,000 portable tents for flood victims or evacuees in the state,” he remarked.

Among others, schools with toilet problem, Nadma will carry out the repairs, he said.

Separately, the State Disaster Management Committee secretariat’s press release stated that as at noon today, the four evacuation centres in Selangau area housed a total of 1,028 flood victims.

Of the 1,028 victims, SK Bukit Arip’s hall housed 295, SJK Tong Ah’s hall (311), Selangau multi-purpose hall (357) and Sekuau hall has 65.

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