Flood victims at Rumah Watson, Rumah Gamang in desperate need of help

Flood affected Rumah Watson yesterday.

SELANGAU: Rumah Watson Lasu and Rumah Gamang Buang folk who are affected by flood are in desperate need to get out and get help.

According to Penghulu Thomas Jawa from Rumah Watson, the folk in both longhouses had been stranded for past two nights without any assistance from the authorities.

“Who are the agencies who can help them? I have reported this to relevant agencies but no help came!” he told reporters when met today in Selangau.

He said Rumah Watson has 18 doors with about 120 residents and Rumah Gamang has 28 doors with about 160 residents.

The water level at Rumah Watson in Ng Pelugau was about two feet high and the water level at Rumah Gamang in Ng Kemena was between three to four feet.

He said the longhouses had been cut off from road access and all the folks had not been given food aid or any aid for the past two nights.

They did not even have clean water supply since the flood two days ago.

“This is the third day, when is help is going to come?” he asked.

Meanwhile, he said the road access to Rumah Watson is being cleared from flood, but Rumah Gamang is still being cut off.

Minister in the Prime Minister Office Datuk Joseph Entulu Belaun told reporters earlier that he would go around his constituency to look for those who are still stranded and so that the victims could get the help they needed.