Guidelines to channel grievances

PTAs, teachers bodies come up with code of ethics for aggrieved parents to lodge complaints

Jisin (holding microphone) speaking at the press conference.

KUCHING: A code of ethics, which contains 23 ‘do’s and don’ts’ has been put in place as a guideline for parents or guardians to deal with school authorities or teachers.

Sarawak Teachers Union (STU) president Jisin Niyud said the guideline was necessary in view of the present trend where parents turn quite aggressive when teachers take disciplinary action against their children or when the children are being questioned by teachers for misbehaving.

Jisin pointed out that the code of ethics was agreed on during a discussion between STU, state Education Department, National Union of the Teaching Profession (NUTP), Parent-Teacher Associations (PTAs), Sarawak Headmasters Council, Sarawak School Principals Association and National Co-ordination Council.

“There have been incidents when parents lodge police reports against teachers for taking disciplinary actions against their children and there are also instances of parents acting quite aggressively like banging tables and doors (in schools),” Jisin told a press conference yesterday at STU headquarters at Jalan Song here.

He pointed out that, according to Deputy Home Minister Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed, at least one police report was lodged against teachers a week in the country, a situation which was unheard of in the past.

According to him, teachers feel hapless and intimidated by the rude behaviour of parents who resorted to such action, adding that teachers follow the standard operating procedure (SOP) when dealing with such cases.

“Teachers are now facing the threat (by the behaviour of some parents)…so with the code of ethics, which we really hope parents will follow, we (teachers) can carry out our duty to develop our children for a better future,” he pointed out, while stressing that problems needed to be settled amicably.

Jisin further said that the code of ethics would be submitted to the Ministry of Education, to be used by all schools across the country.

Among the contents of the code of ethics are that parents or guardians must first refer to the school headmaster or principal if they have any problem with teachers, must not bring motorcycle helmet or any harmful objects to the school and not to resort to making threatening postings on social media.

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