Over 10 longhouses, three schools cut off by road collapse

Road users gather near the collapsed section of the road.

One of the van’s tyres can be seen stuck on the edge of the collapsed section.

KAPIT: Over 10 longhouses and three schools – SK Nanga    Antaroh, SK Nanga Bena, and SK Rantau Panjai – as well as the Sungai Bena Rural Clinic were cut off by road yesterday following the collapse of a section of Jalan Antaroh.

The affected stretch was at Nanga Sebaning, 1.3km from the junction of Jalan Bukit Goram.

A passenger van – carrying farmers and their produce – nearly plunged down the collapsed section, but fortunately the driver was alert enough to stop the vehicle in time.

It is believed that the road collapsed between 1am and 5am due to continuous rain since Monday afternoon.

Teams from the Kapit District Office, police, Fire and Rescue Department, as well as the road contractor sent team members to investigate and warn motorists at the scene.

When contacted, Kapit District Officer Elvis Didit also advised those living in low-lying flood-prone areas, as well as on hillslopes to be alert and ready to evacuate if necessary.

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