Funny manifesto, says Yahya

KOTA KINABALU: Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Seri Panglima Yahya Hussin said it was a funny manifesto having a state prime minister and assisted by six chief ministers.

Yahya was commenting on opposition Parti Kebangsaan Sabah’s (PKS) manifesto for the coming election.

“To me, one chief minister and one cabinet is enough since our population is not that big,” he said, adding that the manifesto was a desperate promise and seeking for attention.

“If we have six chief ministers, are they going to divide Sabah into six states or villages? I see it as funny,” he said.

Yahya, who is also the Petagas assemblyman, said manifestos should be rational and serious, not funny promises.

“Our mission is to develop the country so that we can achieve a high income status.

“However, I am sure Sabahans are wise and educated. We know how politics works not only here in our state, but internationally.

“This promise of having many posts is not benefiting the people,” he added.

Meanwhile, on the preparation for the forthcoming general election, Yahya said Sabah Barisan Nasional was ready with complete machinery.

“We are also giving courses to our machinery so that they don’t forget. We are also setting up chatting groups to ensure everyone stays alert; even  the grassroots, everyone is ready,” Yahya told reporters after hosting a Chinese New Year luncheon with media at The Pacific Sutera Hotel, yesterday.

Also present were president of Sabah Journalists Association Muguntan Vanar and chairman of Kota Kinabalu Journalists Association Yong Ted Pin.

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